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Here are the informations on our latest organization's projects. We will update the page each month.

August 2011 Project Updates:


School Uniforms

The School Uniforms were donated to all the children of Adivasi (local tribes). This project was in conjunction with the Nursery School project. The School Uniforms were provided for the needy children of Adivasi (local tribe) surrounding Dharampur (India). Population in this area is said to be comprising of 80% (eighty percent) of illiteracy, hence the project was greeted with open arms. These Uniforms on display is just a drop in the ocean, we need donation to to cover few more uniforms. For further details please contact us.


We are also involved in instalation of Hand Water Pump whereever we have seen the need. This again is to help where the shortage of water. This project has also hlped the Adivasi (Dharampur) area in India. We have this project as an on going project.


Free Tiffin Service

We also have an on going project to provide Tiffin Service on daily basis. The tiffins (packed lunches) are provided to needy patients in the hospital. These are the patients who have travelled long way from their villages and somehow had to stay longer in the hospital. The Tiffin Service is also provided to the patients who cannot afford or have no one to bring food from home. Hospitals do not have such facilities. The project has become popular in and around the area of Dharampur (India). The service is also extended to nursery school to provide healthy food to needy children. It also take into consideration the special occasions like child's birthday. Again this service was one off for one year but demand from you donors is such that it has now become an on going project. If you are interested in this project then please contact us.


Water Cooler and filter donated at Dharampur, District Valsad. This project was a continuation on the Water supply theme and this particular Water Cooler was donated by Mrs Lilaben Purshottam Majithia. The occassion was birthday, her birthday. We appreciate her humble gesture. If you like to participate in such projects please do contact us. If there are any worthy cause you would like to draw our attention, then email us.

We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.