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The newsletter where we tell you about success of our projects etc.

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The Nonprofit Devon Charitable Trust Gazette

The Bone Marrow Transplant:


3 Year boy needed Bone Marrow Transplant

His name is Nirmit. His father Piyushbhai Vasant revealed that his son needed the Bone Marrow Transplant and the deadline was April 2007. The transplant was urgent and the cost was in the range of Rs.10 Lakhs (Rs.10,00,000). At the time when Master Nirmit was diagonised, he was only 2 years old. A smiling and a happy baby. The picture has captured the best moment of his life and of  the family. He was born on 3rd March 2005 . He lives in Ahmedabad (India).


10 Lakhs ruppees Saved the boy!
Devon Charitable Trust (U.K) came to know about Nirmit and stepped in with ten lakhs ruppees (£15,000). The money was made available before the deadline. Here we see Master Nirmit P. Vasant at the age of three. A happy, healthy boy whose transplant was a success (transplant was done in April 2007). Another success story by Devon Charitable Trust and we thank everyone who directly, indirectly or otherwise helped us to save Nirmit's life. Mr Piyushbhai Vasant sent us a card thanking us and all those who had helped in his predicament. Thank you all. Well done DCT Team!
Reported by Mrs Lilaben Majithia
(Secretary and Trustee - Devon Charitable Trust).

Next month we will bring another success story.

You can also let us have any success story from your personal experience. We will put them on our digital, web pages. If you have a project in mind where you want DCT (Devon Charitable Trust) to get involved, please contact us. 
Lilaben Majithia (Mag Editor)

Webinar Satsang News

Satsang on Computer (Webinar).

Our organization welcomes Mr. Shankut Somaiya, Mr. Rasikbhai Modi, Mrs. Sudhaben Thakrar and Miss Nirupaben Ganatra to Webinar Satsang Tibari. We are indebted by their gesture to formate the Satsang on computers and telephone. There are over 1800 listeners who indulge in Pushti Satsang. The format was created by Mr Somaiya and Mr Modi. Mrs Thakrar is our Lead Kirtankar whose voice has enchanted the Satsang Tibari. Miss Ganatra is the Panelist who is in charge of session's smooth running on air.

We at DCT are pleased with progress with this Webinar services provided to all who wants to indulge. Well done Webinar Team! If you want to join the satsang then do click on the link to register.
At present, the session of the Webinar is on "Shikshapatra and Sarvottam Stotra". Webinar is on every Wednesday at 8.30 p.m to 10.30 p.m, BST.

Join the Webinar Satsang, it is free to register your place so join us.
Reported by Editor- Mrs Lilaben Majithia.

Book your seat for Webinair Pushti Satsang.

How Cool Can Chaas Be?

Many people do have to work hard to earn enough to fill their stomach and sometimes its not enough to fill their own belly. They work out-door under that piercing sun-rays of mid Indian Summer. Many die of thirst and hunger. It was our executive member from Indian Branch office who with the collaboration with Shree Jalaram Manav Trust in Dharampur decided to give Chaash (butter-milk drink) to these adivasi.
Devon Charitable Trust (U.K, U.S.A and India) have decided to carry on the project into the third year. The Chairman Mr Majithia reveals that daily expense will be £41 and total expense for this project will be £6000.00. The "Chaash Project" have now become our on going project. You can participate on this project, please donate generously.
The Editor - Mrs Lilaben Majithia. 

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