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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas. On this page we'll present some details about our organization (Devon Charitable Trust) and the people behind it.

People Who Run Our Organisation.

Here we have included a list of names of some of the people who run our organization. We have also included pictures and brief descriptions of their background and interests.

Purshottambhai Majithia


Mr Purshottambhai Majithia is our founder member, a patron and the Chairman of Devon Charitable Trust.  He is our fund coordinator and in charge of projects. He has ability and the agility to see through any projects which Devon Charitable Trust has approved. A humble man with vigour to see through the projects. A quiet personality, always looks thoughtful. Loves outdoor activities and his favourite places for vacation is India and U.S.A.
His favourite catch phrase is, "Help in need is help indeed." He speaks with enthusiasm and encourages donors wholeheartedly and boosts their zeal and enthusiasm to help less fortunate. This way he sees the way forward and become productive member of society and the Trust.

Contact Mr Purshottambhai Majithia

Mr Mohanbhai R. Ladwa


Mr Mohanbhai R. Ladwa is another active member of our organiser. He is very keen and prompt with all the task in hand. He is in charge of raising funds and he is co-worker on the projects. He is the right hand of the Chairperson in Devon Charitable Trust. He is enthusiastic, has zest to organise the events for fund raising and his ability as an orator is quie amazing. Always there to listen and give worthy advise.

 His strength is to communicate with donors, volunteers, helpers and advisor's and bring the project into envisage reality. Although the Trust has not held huge fund raising events, he  has managed to raise quite commendable funds through advertising, mail shots and personal approaches. You can contact him via telephone: +44 20 8904 9906.


The Formation Of The Trust

Devon Charitable Trust was formed in 2004, from its infant year to year ending 5 April 2009 the Trust raised £237,533 for various good causes. The fund raised was utilised for vital needy projects locally and abroad. These projects were mainly education, medical and religious activities in India. Our Charity Registration number is 1106720. We have our offices in India and U.S.A, whose designated addresses will be found in 'Contact Us' page.

The Report From Chairperson

Devon Charitable Trust has successfully continued it's fund raising activities for various purposes such as medical, education, religious and welfare for the needy, poor, sick people locally and worldwide.

Although we did not hold huge fund raising events, the trust has so far in it's existence collected through advertising, mail shots and personal approaches.

The Trust is extremely thankful to all donors, volunteers, helpers and advisers who made it all possible. Your continuous support in all activities will continue and I am sure together we will carry on the task for which Devon Charitable Trust was formed:

Supporting to those who are most at risk and in need.

May God bless you. Warm regards

Purshottam Majithia
Your Chairperson.

Our Location: 

Flat 9, Cornerways, 112 Sudbury Court Road,Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 3SJ